About The Band

New England-based indie rock outfit Oh Moses create melodic, emotional, and catchy indie music. Formed in 2019, the duo consists of singer/rhythm-guitarist Matthew Drew and guitarist Zach Breslin. The two have been writing music together for years, though their debut EP, "The Company You Keep" is their first official outing as a band. 

Zach had spent his formative years modeling his guitar playing after legendary guitar players like Jimmy Page and Derek Trucks. However, after emulating all he could, he realized he had to form his own approach and sound. He started to lose interest in soloing on the guitar, and riff writing became far more interesting to him. Using his knowledge of music theory and scales, he could sew these things into the foundation of the songs. Adding depth and complexity to the structure of the music he writes. 

Matthew has been writing songs since he was a child. He had played with multiple bands in multiple different genres leading up to his first polished band "Slang of Ages" debut album "Sky Blind" in 2010. Slang of Ages was an indie rock group that featured catchy songs with larger than life arrangements. The band dissolved shortly after it's release due to disagreements within the band. However, being in that band and working with a real producer had a huge impact on how Matthew thought about making music. 

With Oh Moses, Matthew and Zach both play their respective roles perfectly. Matthew structures a song's outline and lyrics, while Zach creates intricate guitar parts interwoven seamlessly throughout the music. They produce and record all their music in a home recording studio. After overcoming so many obstacles along the way, they are excited about all that lies ahead.